Friday, December 12, 2008

First Post!

Here I am... Sitting on a chair, staring at this notebook - while my mouth can't stop chewing my maid's fried-sweet potatoes, haha -, hearing the sounds of the fake waterfalls from our tiny fish pond behind my back, and try to killing the time waiting for my husband arrives home... (he promised to accompany me to do the groceries this noon)

Ok, so this is the first time i try to write something here - though I'm not so sure what things that's going to be written -

Let me see... Hummm... well, ok... perhaps I'm going to tell you a little bit about me here... Actually you can read it from my profile, but yeaaaa... since nothing can come up from my mind I just want to write it anyway

I'm 24 years old... Just got married about nearly 2 months... My husband? He's a great man! What more can I say... I love him so much, he's lovable (though sometimes he can be so grumpy... well he's just a human though), so mature than me (though he's only two years older than me), and so on... We just met on February this year (though actually I already known his family years and years ago), got engaged on June and married on October... It's not a long time to decide to get married with person that you knew only for 8 months (heck, it's really a short time!), But what else can I say... I feel comfortable with him, and I just know that he completes me... Arghhh... Stop being melancholic! Next!

My job? I gotta admit that I'm jobless now... Ever been as an English teacher at one institution, and also ever been as one of employee at one of national bank in Indonesia (but believe me, it wasn't a fancy job!)... Since I decided to get married with my husband, meaning that I must chose between my career or future family (we had a long distance relationship at that time separated by different province and island), and I chose resigning from my job and following him to move to Jakarta and starting my new career as a... house wife...

I also gotta admit that it's kinda shocking me to adapt with the situation... I get used to wake up early in the morning, prepare myself to work, and work more than 10 hours a day, but now all I can do is just hanging around inside the house, and waiting for hubby get back from his office... Hahahaha... But believe me or not, even though it sounds boring, but somehow I think I start to feel liking it =)

Errr... what more can I write here... still don't have any idea, but my fingers are dying to keep typing words here... Gotta end the post here...
See ya!